Monday, November 12, 2012

When i'm all alone, I got all sentimental and stuffs. Fuck.

I'm a man. I don't express my feelings well. We all have those egos and manly stuffs that prevent us from doing what we actually feel like. However when you are alone, things are a bit different. You don't have to act all manly and cool.

The point is that today, when I was all alone on my bed, I just thought that, dude in a month's time, imma miss this kinda life. Imma miss the people around me, miss all the lepaks, karaoke sessions, futsal, dota, jokes, etc. My life may not be a complete one, I lack a lot of things, but you guys somehow made it felt complete. Thank you guys. Thank you for the memorable 5 and a half years together. Thank you for cheering me up whenever i'm down. Thank you for everything, literally.

Ok now that i've post this shitty post, i'm gonna go kill myself for being this sentimental. Cheers.

Oh ye mari aku nak belanja sikit. Kelik la link bawah ni tengok pegi ke tak pegi.

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